Rolfing® Structural Integration begins with a Basic Series of Ten Sessions.  While you are going through your initial Sessions, appointments are usually scheduled every other week, working with your schedule.  The fastest appointments are scheduled is once a week as your body needs the time between the sessions to integrate and adjust to the changes.  Download the overview (below) of the Ten Basic Rolfing Sessions

  • Stack of StonesSession 1: The process begins with freeing the lungs, which means dealing with the superficial tissue that has anything to do with breathing. This means working all around the rib cage, shoulders, arms, and hips and at the end of the session, always the neck and back.
  • Session 2: Next we address your foundation. Your lower legs and feet are your support. Once your body senses there is balance or “someone home” down below, then your upper body can begin to let go of some of its overworking and your shoulders will begin to relax. We end this session with work on your back and neck.
  • Session 3: Now we move to the sides. We want to create a peaceful relating between your upper and lower body. We will work the sides of your ribcage, neck, and hips to allow those major segments to better support each other.
  • Session 4: We return to the legs, but this time we focus on the inside of the leg and at a bit deeper layer, from the foot to the inner groin.
  • Session 5: This is the continuation of Session 4. We will work to balance the relationship between the belly and the back.
  • Session 6: Now we go to the other side of the body to address the lower back and up both sides of the spine.
  • Session 7: All the work we’ve done below the neck allows us in this session to “put the head on straight”. This is an upper shoulder, neck, and head session.
  • Session 8: These last three sessions are about integrating all we’ve done. This is usually a lower body session, the focus being to integrate the legs into the whole body.
  • Session 9: This is the other half of session 8, the upper body. The ribcage, shoulders, and arms are the focus.
  • Session 10: The final integration. This is our opportunity to complete, for now, all we’ve been able to free. This usually involves the whole body.

What happens after the initial ten sessions?

Pebble Stones in BalanceAfter your tenth session, you are told that you will not be Rolfed for at least one month.  Your body needs time to integrate and come to a resting place.  Typically, clients schedule their first tune up at the end of their tenth session.

What’s a tune-up?

Once you’ve completed your time off, you can come in for a tune-up.  These are intermediate level sessions where we address whatever has evolved since your last session.  Your body will always be in a state of change and healing.  And depending on your lifestyle, stress level, illness, births, etc., we support you through tune-ups.  This is done either through a one session tune-up or a series of planned sessions.  Tune-ups can happen for the rest of your life, as maintenance or as a preventative measure.