Internet Video Coverage of Rolf® Method of Structural Integration

Introduction to Rolfing®
This video is an excerpt from a monthly show for the Centers Medicare and Medicaid. The show was about alternative medicine and this segment pertains to Rolfing®.
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Rolfing® Demo
This Rolfing® demonstration was filmed at the Harvard Medical School during the Fascia Congress, which took place in Boston, MA. on October 4 & 5, 2007. The Rolfer™ is Libby Eason, a member of the Rolf® Institute’s faculty and the client is Patrick Coughlin, who graduated in July 2009 as a Certified Rolfer™.
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Rolfing® in the Workplace

Rolfing® Structural Integration at Starkey Laboratories
This is a clip from May 8, 1997 on WCCO TV talking about how Rolfing® Structural Integration affected Starkey Laboratories’ workers compensation costs. The video doesn’t go into a lot of detail about how Rolfing® works, but it provides a perspective that can be quite useful for you to make an informed decision about Rolfing®. The newscasters call Rolfing® “massage,” but it is most definitely not that. Their onsite Rolfer™ was Siana Goodwin.
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Rolfing® and Injury Recovery

Rolfing® Structural Integration and the Minnesota Vikings
This is a segment from Vikings Game Day that talks about how the NFL Minnesota Vikings use Rolfing® Structural Integration to keep their players ready for game day. The coverage is quite thorough, particularly in its presentation of what Rolfing® really is.
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Leon Fleisher and Rolfing® Structural Integration
This is a clip from Dateline NBC on 7/14/96 about world famous pianist Leon Fleisher’s use of Rolfing® to recover from debilitating wrist and hand pain.
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Rolfing and Running

Runners World:  Understanding Your Fascia

Rolfing and Child Development

The Promise of Rolfing® Children
This three-part video shows how Rolfing® can be effective in helping children develop healthy and strong bodies and was created by Posture Perfect.
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