LifeBalance Sessions

BuddhaThose of you that have received Rolfing from me know there is a particular way I go about each session.  One of the most important components of our session takes place in the beginning.  It is during this time that I ask you what’s going on and how have you been since I’ve seen and worked on you last.  This information is feedback for me in terms of the approach I took in our last session and the approach I will take in the current session.  It is a moment for you, as the client, to share whatever is up for you in your life; physically and emotionally.  Usually this is a kind of ‘check-in’ about the important areas of your life and the overall sense of yourself and what is current with you.

So in response to the numerous requests and positive feedback I have received from all of you as my clients, I have decided to offer my services on another aspect and level of healing to you.  I will now be available for what I’m calling LifeBalance sessions.  We will take the ‘check-in’ concept and expand it.  I will give you the hour to explore whatever you’d like to share, look over and revise. I will offer feedback and suggestions that will be individualized and tailored just for you.  I will also include suggestions on particular body stretches and meditations suitable for your circumstance.  Most importantly, it will be an hour of time dedicated to YOU and to the healing and enhancement of your LIFE.

Now offering LifeBalance sessionscontact me for details.