LifeBalance Sessions

BuddhaThose of you that have received Rolfing from me know there is a particular way I go about each session.  One of the most important components of our session takes place in the beginning.  It is during this time that I ask you what’s going on and how have you been since I’ve seen and worked on you last.  This information is feedback for me in terms of the approach I took in our last session and the approach I will take in the current session.  It is a moment for you, as the client, to share whatever is up for you in your life; physically and emotionally.  Usually this is a kind of ‘check-in’ about the important areas of your life and the overall sense of yourself and what is current with you.

So in response to the numerous requests and positive feedback I have received from all of you as my clients, I have decided to offer my services on another aspect and level of healing to you.  I will now be available for what I’m calling LifeBalance sessions.  We will take the ‘check-in’ concept and expand it.  I will give you the hour to explore whatever you’d like to share, look over and revise. I will offer feedback and suggestions that will be individualized and tailored just for you.  I will also include suggestions on particular body stretches and meditations suitable for your circumstance.  Most importantly, it will be an hour of time dedicated to YOU and to the healing and enhancement of your LIFE.

Now offering LifeBalance sessionscontact me for details.

A Reminder About Our Lives

A Reminder

From “Brave Girls Club”

I love this reminder.  Especially at this time of the year.  “It” is really simple don’t you think?

We are all trying to find our place….

stack of stonesAs we go about our busy lives and most of the time try really hard to be conscious and aware and kind and gracious, but it’s not always an easy thing.  One piece that makes living a conscious life substantially easier, is to have a body that is in sync.  When our body is “organized”, meaning, when more of our parts are in the places they were meant to be in, we “feel” calmer.  We feel more right with our world because our internal world, the world in which we live in, is closer to balance than usual. It’s when we feel disjointed and confused that you can be sure that your body system is out of whack one way or another.  So the approach of Rolfing is a way to get ourselves “back on track” or all parts going in the same direction….it sure saves us energy.

“I thought this was supposed to hurt!?”

Moth to a Flame“I thought this was supposed to hurt!?” How many times have I, as a Rolfer, heard this? A lot. You know, when this Rolfing work began, back in the late 60’s and 70’s…this was a whole new paradigm, a whole new concept in terms of how to “work with”, interact with a person and their body. And since in 1973 I was a recipient of this new work and not a practitioner, my experience was one sided. I found it off and on intense in its pressure on a physical level, and sometimes downright higher on the chart than I thought I’d like it, but overall, it was freeing. Freeing on all levels. I knew right away that this was not just about my body. This was a way to touch right through to my history, my stories, the sad and scary ones, and even the happy ones. This spoke to and made movements towards the healing of my heart. Rolfing always was and continues to be a direct line to my body, mind and spirit. I fell in love with this Rolfing work. The power it has to create the open door of change for anyone willing to walk through it, has pulled me like a moth to a flame.