About Rolfing®

“This is the gospel of Rolfing® – when the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself.” ~ Ida P. Rolf

Ida P. Rolf, PhD, Founder of Rolfing®Dr. Rolf Received her PhD in biochemistry from Columbia University in 1920 and furthered her knowledge of the body through her scientific work in organic chemistry at the Rockefeller Institute. Her extensive search for solutions to family health problems led her to examine many systems that studied the effect of structure on function, including yoga, osteopathy and chiropractic. This, together with her scientific education, her curiosity, her intrinsic knowledge and her hands-on experience, guided her to a new understanding of the value of structural order. A system of work emerged which Dr. Rolf called structural integration. She developed her system into a series of ten sessions which she taught to others,and continued to expand her vision, developing Advanced Rolfing®, “post-ten” Rolfing®, and inspiring the development of Rolfing® Movement Integration.

Dr. Rolf’s early students were medical practitioners whose primary orientation was pathology. However, it became clear that her work was wholistic in nature, and was an approach towards health maintenance and personal evolution. As a result of this, Dr. Rolf chose individuals to train who were interested in her theories and principles, open enough to work with others at deep levels physically and emotionally, and people whose hands she trusted. At the time of her death in 1979, there were more than 200 certified Rolfing® practitioners around the word. Today, there are more than 900 Rolfers™ and Rolfing® Movement Teachers currently in private practice world wide.

Dr. Oz Recommends Rolfing®

Dr. Oz with Oprah Winfrey discusses Rolfing®What is Rolfing®? Is it something that could help ease muscle tension?

If you’re plagued by muscle pain, Dr. Oz recommends a technique called Rolfing®, which he describes as “even deeper than a deep-tissue massage.”

This technique, which was developed by Dr. Ida Pauline Rolf, aims to separate bound-up connective tissues (or fascia), which link the muscles. “Rolfing® literally releases the joints,” Dr. Oz says. “When you talk to folks about the impact it has on them, a lot of them just stand taller. A lot is just freeing you up to live the way you’re supposed to live.”

Dr. Oz Volunteers to Get Rolfed to Demonstrate its Medical Benefits

Dr. Oz gets Rolfed with Oprah WinfreyCertified Rolfer™ Jonathan Martine says this massage method works with the body instead of on it. “What I’m looking at doing here is releasing the fascia, which is the wrapping around the muscles,” he says.

The procedure may seem painful, but Jonathan says he works within the body’s limits. “If I’m trying to force you into position to be upright, and you’re not ready to be there, it’s going to be challenging,” he says.

You don’t even have to strip down to have this procedure. “We work at a level of comfort for the client,” Jonathan says. “I work with people in a bra and underwear or running shorts. I worked with a rancher from Nebraska that had his clothes on for most of the sessions.”