About Deborah Starrett, Certified Advanced Rolfer™

Deborah Starrett, Certifed Advanced Rolfer™Deborah Starrett began her walk in the world as a care giver in 1973 as a Rolfing® client. For the next four years she worked as an administrative assistant to her Rolfer™, which led to a shift in career direction. Instead of becoming a psychotherapist, she became a Rolfer™.

In order to gain hands on experience she moved to Northern California for two years and lived at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA, where she was a massage therapist with the Esalen Massage Crew. She had the good fortune to apprentice with Beverly Silverman, one of the first women trained by Dr. Rolf during the initial introduction of Rolfing® to the world at Esalen years before.

In 1981 Deborah completed her training in Boulder, CO as a Certified Rolfer™ and returned to Houston, TX, where she developed a flourishing Rolfing® Practice. She returned to Boulder, CO, in 1987 to complete her Advanced Rolfing® Training. Deborah was the assistant instructor in a Basic Rolfing® Training in 1994 with Peter Melchior, one of the first people chosen by Dr. Rolf to be trained as a Rolfer™ and initial instructor, and is one of Deborah’s pivotal teachers. Deborah maintains an active private practice in Houston, TX.

*Certified Rolfers™ are graduates of The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, the only organization worldwide that educates and certifies Rolfers.  Practitioners with a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ certification have at least three years experience and have completed the Advanced Rolfing® SI Training.